The Ultimate Investing Shortcut

"​​Get ​Instant ​Access To ​​Our War​ Chest Of 
Investment Ideas​, Build​ Your Watch ​List, 
And P​iece ​Together Your Ultimate Portfolio"

We'll Even Give You Their Estimated Intrinsic Value So That You
Can Make Even Better And More Profitable Investment Decisions!

We'll Even Give You Their Estimated Intrinsic Value So That You Can Make Even Better And More Profitable Investment Decisions!

​​Dear friend,

​You are reading a letter that we never thought we would write.

Because ​now that you have a clear idea on how to pick winnings stocks and make critical decisions...

​we can start to share the REALLY GOOD STUFF...

because if you are serious about building your own 'cash making' portfolio...

​Call ​it possibly the ‘greatest’ gift ever when it comes to investing... ​

​This is ​your chance to access our treasure trove of stocks that’s going to potentially spark your investment returns and profits.

Now before I tell you what this is all about... this is definitely NOT for everybody...

  • This is NOT for Get-Rich-Quick or Business Opportunities Seekers.
  • This is NOT for Newbies who are just starting out.
  • This is NOT for 'Local-Only' Investors who only invest in their own backyard
  • This is NOT for people seeking professional financial advise on buying or selling stocks

and if you are non of the above mentioned afore...

then you will be very excited to know that you've just stumbled upon an investing goldmine...

Your Front-Row Seats To The Best Value Stocks & Opportunities In The Market Right Now

We all know how much time and work is needed to find good investment ideas.

After you've found one, you'll still need to spend plenty of hours researching and analyzing on a company to make sure it is a stock worth looking at.

In Alpha Lab… EVERYTHING is done for you

We’ll be on the ground ‘scouring the streets’ doing the dirty work so that you can sit back, relax, and soak up all there is to know about a company, including:

Business Models & Competitive Advantages

​It’s simple. A company with a superior business model and stronger competitive advantages will earn more money, gobble up more market share, and be more successful in the long run. On the other hand, a weaker company will eventually succumb to its competition and lose out (remember what happened to Nokia when the iPhone came along?). The fact is if you want to pick a winning investment, you must invest in a company that’s able to stand out and compete in its industry against its fiercest competitors

​Growth Drivers

​Let’s face it, the only reason why you invest is to make more money. So growth in a company’s revenues and earnings is going to have a huge impact on a company’s share price — and how much you are going to make. Be it long term or mid term, you need a company to have strong growth drivers… and we are going to help you find them in a company.

​Insights On Management ​& Key Executives

​​Are they shareholder-friendly and have their interests aligned with yours? Do they have a stake in the company like you do? Do they overpay themselves? We’ll dig up the “dirt” (if any) and find out if the management has your back and has the talent and track record to lead a company (and its stock price) to greater heights.

​Financials & Key Ratios

​This where they say the ‘proof is in the pudding’. No matter how impressive a CEO may look or how ‘sexy’ a company might be, the bottom-line is: Is the company profitable? And not only just that…Are profit margins sustainable? Is their cash flow positive? Are debt levels reasonable? We’ll dissect a company’s financial statements, calculate its key ratios and tell you just how well a company is performing financially. Because at the end of the day, only a truly successful company will show results that investors and everyone else can see.

Key Business ​Risks

​​NO investment is without risk. As great as a company is right now and as promising an investment might look, there is always risk involved. Threats it might face from its competitors, the CEO leaving, or a company’s growth story not panning out so well. These are things all investors must take into account and we’ll highlight the most important risks a company might face before you make a decision.

​Valuation Methodology & Intrinsic Value

​The only reason why some investors are more successful than others... is their ability to but a good stock at bargain price. In Alpha Lab, we've got that covered as well and this removes all your guess work. Now that you know the 'true' value of a company, you'll never worry about overpaying for a stock anymore. This alone is HUGE and is key to potentially boost your investment performance for years down the road.

Yes, We'll Even Give You
Of The Company

​This is HUGE...

especially when it comes to boosting your performance and giving you the returns you’ve always yearned for.

Now, because you know the 'true' value of a company, you’ll never have to worry about overpaying for a stock again.

This means lesser risk, and overall better returns....

With Alpha Lab, you get to make better, smarter investment decisions a heck lot easier...

This is because it's...

Specially Designed To 'Semi-Automate' Your Investment Research
(Here's How It Works)


Research Case Studies A Month


Research Case Studies A Year

​Every month, you'll get 2 research case studies from us.

These case studies are fully analyzed and presented in easy-to-understand video format.

These are stocks that still presents growth potential or are relatively cheap in terms of their valuation.

Here are the 4-types of companies that we will be covering:

  • ​Value Growth Companies
  • ​Growth Companies
  • ​Deep Value Companies
  • ​Special Situation Opportunities

Yup, these are the types of companies that are responsible for returns such as:

Netflix - +210% in ROI

Japan Foods – +176% in ROI

Armstrong – +47% in ROI

Soup Restaurant – +63% in ROI

Yahoo Inc –+106% in ROI

BreadTalk - +178% in ROI

Boustead SP – +121% in ROI

Super Group – +243% in ROI

Simply put, with Alpha, it's the PERFECT opportunity for you to build up a powerful watchlist of Stocks.

No junk, no filler.

and sure, we don't always get undervalued opportunities every month...

but when we do, its always good to pay attention.

Buy at the right price... and the results will follow:

Finding and profiting from stocks has never been this simple:

We Always Walk The Talk
(Here's How The 'Undervalued' 

Companies We Covered In Alpha Has Performed Since 2016) 

We Always Walk The Talk
(Here's How The 'Undervalued' 

Companies We Covered In Alpha
Has Performed Since 2016) 

​Finding and profiting from stocks has never been this simple:

  • No longer do you need to go around hunting for stocks.
  • No longer do you need to spend precious hours analyzing and researching companies.
  • No longer do you need to worry about buying a stock that’s overpriced and too expensive

Now, That's Powerful...

Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get
When You Join The Alpha Lab Today!

​So here's the deal,

When you join the Alpha Lab today, you are going to get all of the following for FREE...

Membership is $197 a month but for today, you can get full 12 month access to everything Alpha Lab has to offer for just $497 (That's over 79% in savings!).

Can you imagine just how much simpler investing has become?

You're getting all the research reports to build your watchlist...

You'll know when is the best time to buy into a company...

You'll also get current opportunities that are under-value - Hands-free...

It'll be like Christmas every month.

So what will you be getting in Alpha Lab when you join today?

Glad you ask...

The 3 Core Strategies To Winning The Stock Market Game

($197 Value)

Want to consistently profit from the stock market? Want to know how winning decisions are made and how to replicate our success?

When you join Alpha Lab today, we're giving you this new book that we've just printed off the press. It shows you three core systematic strategies that make up 90% of our investment profits.

The best part is, these strategies are broken down and described in complete details so that you know exactly how to apply them. In addition, every strategy comes with a full case study example so that you'll know exactly how to put everything together.

​As an Alpha Lab member, you'll be exposed to various opportunities that fall under these three strategies. When you get the hang of these strategies, you'll start to make more accurate, profitable investment decisions with Alpha Lab.

This book is one of the most valuable things we’ve created and it is our gift to you when you join the Alpha Lab family today.

'How To Boost Your Investment Profits Via Special Situation Investing'

($497 Value)

​In addition to the our new book, we are also giving you this bonus training that the public paid US$197 to attend.

You see, sometimes, you don't have to wait 5 - 10 years to realize your investment gains.

At times, unique opportunities in the market can actually bring you huge, incremental gains in a relatively short period of time... sometimes 20%, 40% and even up to 100% return within a year.

It's an investment approach known as "Special Situation Investing"...

We know it because we've done it multiple times.



These 2 stocks tripled our money by giving us crazy returns of up to +203% and +243% respectively... all in a span of less than 2 years.

In this training, we'll show you how you can do the same by spotting these special investment opportunities.

You will want this training because It's one of the more profitable strategy to help add some boost to your overall investment returns.

($497 Value)

And that's what you get for FREE.

Here's What Happens When Christmas
Shows Up Every Month From Alpha Lab

The goal of the ​2 gifts is just to get you into the door, and show you everything you need to start making money from the stock market consistently.

And once you are in, I want to consistently serve you each month as a member of Alpha Lab.

'​Alpha Lab Full Library Access Pass'​

Full Library
​Access ​Pass​
($​2,997 Value)

This is where all the good things happen.

​When you join us today as an Alpha Lab member, we'll also give you the full access to all the past research that we've done - OVER 50 companies since it's inception!

​Simply put, Alpha Lab is like your 'NETFLIX' for companies and now, all you need to do to find out all about a company, is to login to your member's area, watch the explainer videos and you'll know EXACTLY what the company does and how it has been performing.

The best part is, since we have already done all the initial filter to give you only the good companies, building your watchlist is now as simple as taking candy from a baby.

'​1 X New Monthly Research​​​'

​Monthly Research + Newsletters​
($1,1​64 Value)

This is where all the good things happen.

We research at least 8–10 companies every month so we can consistently find good potential companies to help you build your watchlist and portfolio.

Each month, we’ll pick the top​ companies and do a full analysis on them. These two companies can either be a stock we’re placing on watchlist or an opportunity we’re looking at right now.

Either way, you'll get our full video breakdown of the company’s business, financials, risks and our estimated valuation for the company, but more importantly, IF the company is worth investing!

'The ​'​Company Insights' ​Elite Forum'

​Alpha Lab
Elite Forum​
($​997 Value)

​Next is the Alpha Lab Member's only elite forum.

You see, now that you have a full overview about the company that you've put into your watchlist, what you want next are updates and future performance of the company moving forward.

Because you are a member of Alpha Lab, we will never leave you hanging.

Yes, we've taken care of that 'update' issue as well.

In the member's area, you'll be able to access the Alpha Lab forum where all the companies listed are updated and discussed.

This exclusive member's only forum is moderated by us and a community of some very knowledgeable investors. This means that you only get high quality, logical feedback that's going to help you make better investment decisions.

Simply put, you can now track your favorite companies and their updates just through this forum alone...

Yup, a community that is created to help you achieve success, that's just one of the many amazing of being part of Alpha Lab...

As you can probably see, getting access to Alpha Lab is like having us as your personal "Opportunity Shopper"

We spend over 30 hrs per month researching companies for YOU...

We analyze over 8 - 10 ideas per month and pick the best ​ones for you so that you can have enjoy success faster...

Yup, you'll get it all done-for-you when you become a member of Alpha Lab!

So, are you excited about Alpha Lab yet?

If so, then NOW is the time to take action...

Let's Recap EVERYTHING You Get When You Join Alpha Lab Today!

  • ​Access To The ​Alpha ​Portfolio ($​​1,997 Value)
  • ​​Access To The Full ​Suite of Alpha Research Library ($​2,997 Value)
  • ​​24 ​Months Of New Monthly Research ($​2​,​488 Value)
  • ​​The ​Alpha Lab Elite Forum + Intrinsic Value Table ($​997 Value)
  • ​​4 X ​Alpha Meetup (Bi-Annual)​ ($​​997 Value)


Get ​Full ​24 ​Month Access​ For Just



Like I've said, this is NOT for everyone...

  • ​You must NOT be a complete newbie...
  • ​You must be a long-term investor...
  • ​You must be able to make your own investment decisions...

If you can do that, then the profit potential are limitless...

Think about this...

The returns from just ONE good undervalue idea will more than cover the entire cost of Alpha Lab

In Alpha Lab, it's not just ONE idea...

But a full suite of companies you can use to build your entire investment watchlist!

(Here's Why You Need To Pay Attention)

​​​Let’s be honest.

As an investor, we all yearn for quality over quantity.

There’s NO point having fifty stocks in your portfolio if each of them are crap.

It’s always much smarter to invest in just five great companies that will double your money in 3-5 years.

What you want is properly-done, high-quality analysis that actually helps you make better, more profitable investment decisions.

And Alpha Lab does just that...

To ease your time, build a powerful watchlist... and make superior returns from the stock market.

The thing is... this is a limited offer and besides that, there are even more reasons why you need be fast.

  • Th​is is your only chance to get into our Research Lab. We are taking everything private and ​t​he doors into Alpha Lab will close at midnight, ​2 September 2018. ​Once the doors shut, we won't be taking in anymore new members - possibly forever.​ 
  • We've only printed 1,000 of the 3 core profits book. ​Once it runs out, it runs out. So, if you want a head-start, and get all the case studies and insights from the book... then this is it​.​

So if you are ready to start your investing journey with us, build your list of super stocks, and do so at the best possible deal...

then this is your best chance to lock in your membership before it's too late...

Here's What To Do Next

From here, it's just finalizing the details, if you scroll down below, you can select and pick the plan you want to be on and we can finally get started.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this letter and watch the training video and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Enrollment For Alpha Lab Will Close In


We’ll see you on in inside…

To Your Investing Success,
The Fifth Person

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P.S. If you are looking for an “all-done-for-you”, stress-free way of investing in the stock market, this is it. You’ll never find a simpler way of making better, more profitable investment decisions.

P.P.S. Be quick! Because you grandfather this price when you join Alpha Lab today. Once prices rise, your membership fee will be charged at the higher price perpetually. So don’t wait… You snooze, you lose.

P.P.P.S. The joining fee for Alpha Lab may be increase to $697 very soon. So if you are looking to build your own profitable portfolio and want to save more on Alpha Lab's done-for-you service, this is your best chance to get in before the price increase.  

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