Day #1: Action Steps

Welcome To the 'ALPHA LAB'!

Over the next 8 days I'm going to be sending you a video each day that will walk you through the simple steps you need to make full use of the information you'll find in Alpha Lab.   

We normally sell this training program for $197 - but you're getting it free because I KNOW that if you implement this training, and do the assignments each day, you'll set yourself to grow a super profitable portfolio from all the research you'll get from Alpha Lab... a HUGE win for you.

And if you have a profitable portfolio that double or multiplies YOUR wealth many times over, then you'll probably become an Alpha Lab super fan, which is a HUGE win for us!

So, it's a WIN / WIN...

Are you ready?

Finish watching the video and complete your day 1 task below!

Homework / Assignment

Start Here:

The Homework for today is very simple, it will take about 10~15 minutes of your time. 

Simply watch this welcome videos explaining how to access and make use of all the information inside Alpha Lab.

Then, go ahead and login to Alpha Lab account and navigate through all the links and watch some videos.

Make sure you get the hang of all the links, tabs, navigation. It'll come in very useful in the near future.

If anything is confusing to you or simply doesn't make sense, be sure to reach out to support! We're more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have:

Step 1: Login to your Alpha Lab Account

Then, watch this video to find out how to maximize your usage of Alpha Lab

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