The Ultimate Investing Shortcut

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Dear investor,

You are reading a letter I never thought I'll write.

Because we are going to offer you a chance to access our untapped ‘resource’…

A chance to access our treasure trove of stocks that’s going to potentially spark your investment returns and profits.

Call it the ‘greatest’ gift ever when it comes to investing.

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You Are Going To Have Your Most
Profitable 'Cash-Making' Portfolio Ever

Here's a Fact - Investing will make you rich.

You know it.

It is the only way to grow and preserve your wealth for generations and generations to come.

Many other retail investors know about this as well.

However, not everyone is able to get the desired results they want in order to achieve their financial goals.

So... What Happened?

Meet Joe, a father of 2 who works at a local accounting firm.

Joe is a retail investor who understands the importance of investing. However due to the nature of his work, Joe doesn't have the time to research and find good stocks to invest in.

On a normal day, he reaches home at 8 p.m., has dinner, and spends the rest of the evening with his wife and two kids before tucking them to bed. Before he knows it, it’s midnight and he doesn’t have the time or energy to spare for stock research. Even when he does, he is faced with the daunting task of doing it correctly.

Sounds familiar?

Worse... because more often than not, he’ll miss out on important key factors that affect his investment decisions and returns…

Decisions that could have ultimately multiplied his wealth....

Investing Can Make You Rich

But it's usually for the investor who has the time and knowledge to invest in the right stocks and reap their returns...

The investor who doesn’t falls into the pit hole of buying losing stocks — praying for their share prices to recover...

Who would you rather be?

Investing shouldn’t be that hard… It should be as stress-free as possible!

and when you are able to do so correctly, your portfolio is going to balloon into a fortune so large that you’ll be smiling in your sleep...

We know because we've done it... and now, we want to help you do the same.

Our Crazy Idea And How It's Going To
SUPERCHARGE Your Path To Wealth

Look, instead of spending and wasting valuable time looking for investment ideas and doing the analysis only to get it wrong…

What if we did that for you?

Instead of going around hunting for ideas to invest... what if we helped research and do all the analysis for you?

Can you imagine getting a detailed research on all the good companies we've been looking at... except this time, you get to participate in them before their share price ballooned...

Companies like:

  • Yahoo Inc – +106% in ROI
  • Armstrong Industrial – +47% in ROI
  • Boustead SP+121% in ROI
  • Japan Food+176% in ROI
  • Soup Restaurant+63% in ROI
  • Super Group+243% in ROI

Would that be helpful?

What if we took care of everything and removed all the guess work.

Can you imagine how much hard work and time you are going to save? Precious time that you can spend with your family and loved ones?

Not only that… with all the analysis properly done with precision, do you think you are going to make far better and more profitable investment decisions? Will that in turn, translate into you increasing your money-making potential in the stock market?

More importantly however, it’s going to reduce your overall risk because you avoid the mistakes you might have made otherwise when you used to rush through all that research yourself.

"Less Risk, Higher Returns
Better Predictability"

How do you like the sound of that?

Your Front-Row Seats To The Best Stocks

We all know how much time and work is needed to go through all that fundamental analysis on a company.

But in Alpha Lab… EVERYTHING is done for you

We’ll be on the ground ‘scouring the streets’ doing the dirty work so that you can sit back, relax, and soak up all there is to know about a company.

In short, we’ll analyze a company’s…

  • Business Models & Competitive Advantages
    It’s simple. A company with a superior business model and stronger competitive advantages will earn more money, gobble up more market share, and be more successful in the long run. On the other hand, a weaker company will eventually succumb to its competition and lose out (remember what happened to Nokia when the iPhone came along?). The fact is if you want to pick a winning investment, you must invest in a company that’s able to stand out and compete in its industry against its fiercest competitors
  • Growth Drivers
    Let’s face it, the only reason why you invest is to make more money. So growth in a company’s revenues and earnings is going to have a huge impact on a company’s share price — and how much you are going to make. Be it long term or mid term, you need a company to have strong growth drivers… and we are going to help you find them in a company.
  • Industry Peer Comparision
    Oftentimes, investors only focus their research on one company and totally ignore research on its industry peers. But this is highly important! Why so? Because you need context. A company that has a 20% net margin might seem impressive… until you realize all its competitors are enjoying 50% margins across the board. Doesn’t seem too impressive now, right? Understanding the playing field and what a company is up against gives you a different perspective and allows you to make better investment decisions.
  • Insights on Key Management & Executive
    Are they shareholder-friendly and have their interests aligned with yours? Do they have a stake in the company like you do? Do they overpay themselves? We’ll dig up the “dirt” (if any) and find out if the management has your back and has the talent and track record to lead a company (and its stock price) to greater heights.
  • Financials and Key Ratios
    This where they say the ‘proof is in the pudding’. No matter how impressive a CEO may look or how ‘sexy’ a company might be, the bottom-line is: Is the company profitable? And not only just that…Are profit margins sustainable? Is their cash flow positive? Are debt levels reasonable? We’ll dissect a company’s financial statements, calculate its key ratios and tell you just how well a company is performing financially. Because at the end of the day, only a truly successful company will show results that investors and everyone else can see.
  • Key Risks
    NO investment is without risk. As great as a company is right now and as promising an investment might look, there is always risk involved. Threats it might face from its competitors, the CEO leaving, or a company’s growth story not panning out so well. These are things all investors must take into account and we’ll highlight the most important risks a company might face before you make a decision.

As you can see, we’ve covered virtually every angle when analyzing a company and it’s all you essentially need moving forward to make better and more profitable investment decisions.

But to make this even better...

We'll Even Show You How To Value The Company
(*Hint - So You'll Know The Best Time To To Buy / Sell)

To make money in the stocks...

you must know when is the right time to buy and sell

The only reason why Warren Buffett and all other successful investors made is... is because they know how to buy a good stock at bargain prices - Period.

...and in Alpha Lab, we’ve got this covered as well.


Alpha Lab Gives You The Intrinsic Value
Of The Selected Company

Now this can be potentially HUGE in boosting your investment performance and giving you the financial results you’ve always yearned for…

and because you now know the "true" value of a company, you’ll never have to worry about overpaying for a stock anymore...

This means lesser risks... with a heck more profits - in a faster, smarter manner.

Here's How Alpha Lab Works


Research Case Studies A Month


Research Case Studies A Year

Every month, you'll get 2 research case studies from us - fully analyzed and presented in easy-to-understand video format.

Now these are not just any kind of stocks but stocks that actually matter… stocks with high value or growth potential. In short, we will only be sharing the companies that pass our most stringent investment criteria.

With Alpha, it's the PERFECT opportunity for you to build up a powerful watchlist of Super Stocks.

To simply put, all companies presented are going to be investment worthy - Remember what I said earlier about us hunting and researching ideas for you?

All you need to do... is to decide if you want that piece of company at the current price. (Remember, we'll even give you the intrinsic value so that you can make faster, better decisions.)

No junk, no filler.

Finding and profiting from stocks has never been this simple:

  • No longer do you need to go around hunting for stocks.
  • No longer do you need to spend precious hours analyzing and researching companies.
  • No longer do you need to worry about buying a stock that’s overpriced and too expensive

Powerful I know...

The Exchanges Alpha Lab Covers
(More Golden Opportunities To Profit From)

You’ll be glad to know that as an Alpha Lab member, you’re not confined to just the local market, but stocks from exchanges across the world as well.

Apart from the SGX, the exchanges we'll be covering includes NASDAQ, The New York Stock Exchange, The Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia and The Stock Exchange of Thailand.

Now this is GOLD...

In fact, if you want to grow your wealth FAST... you need to take advantage of the opportunities that's ripe for the picking...

Do you know....

  • Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index is now trading near the same valuations during the ’97 Asian Financial Crisis. Think you can get plenty of cheap opportunities there? You bet - And that's where you get all your 100% - 200% Returns on Investment... just like the the 2009 Sub Prime.
  • Thailand is an economic beast by itself, driven by strong local consumption. Some of our Multi-Baggers have come from here. Lucky you, we would like to share them with you
  • America’s NYSE and NASDAQ are home to some of the greatest companies in the world. Investors from across the globe invest in America — making it one of the most traded markets in the world with HUGE amounts of volume and liquidity. Because of that and the American economic engine, many U.S. stocks can be way more profitable than our SGX counterparts. You don’t to miss out on this market

So yes, you get access to all these markets with Alpha Lab.

In fact, you’ll never run out of ideas and potential opportunities… not when you join as an Alpha Lab member.

Yup, Alpha Lab is truly an amazing time saver and an investment gold mine… and we’re sure you are going to be blown away when you join as a member.

and if you’ve like what you’ve read so far, the most likely question that you’ll have right now is…

How To Access Alpha Lab?
(It's Surprisingly Affordable And Here's Why)

Let’s be honest.

As an investor, we all yearn for quality over quantity

There’s NO point having fifty stocks in your portfolio if each of them are crap. It’s always much smarter to invest in just five great companies that will double your money in 3-5 years.

What you want is properly-done, high-quality analysis that actually helps you make better, more profitable investment decisions rather than a boatload of cookie-cutter research articles you can find anywhere else on the internet.

The thing is, quality doesn’t come cheap...

But the good news is, The Fifth Person is committed to helping ordinary retail investors (people like you and me) invest better.

In order to help as many people as possible, Alpha Lab is going to be made affordable for as many people as possible but at the same time, sustainable enough to make enough business sense so we can continue to analyze and provide numerous research case studies for you years down the road - I'm sure you'll want more good research when you start making money with Alpha.

For these reasons, you can get exclusive access to Alpha Lab for only US$497 a year...

That's just about $41 a month or less than one visit to your local pizza hut restaurant!

Frankly, at this price, it makes Alpha Lab reasonably affordable to most people and an absolutely steal.

Think about this...

A meal at pizza hut...


the time you are going to save... 

the superior returns you can potentially make...

as well as the future you can now build for you and your loved ones...

Your Own Ginsu-Knife GPS
To Locate Stocks To Focus On

We can promise you that this is the only opportunity that you have to gain access to Alpha Lab at a low fee of just USD497/- for full 12-month access.

It's like punching your one-way ticket to building an ultra watch list and portfolio of profitable stocks.

However, you need to be fast… because we could raise prices at any time without any notice...

So if you are ready to start your investing journey with us and build your list of super stocks, then scroll down below, and you’ll see a blue rectangular "Join Alpha Lab" button.

Click on it and it’ll prompt you to enter your payment details.

Once the transaction is approved, we will automatically direct you to a page to register your membership for exclusive entry into the Alpha Lab community.

We’ll see you on in inside…

Why Join Alpha Lab?

Alpha Member

  • Saves Time Finding & Researching for Good Investment Ideas
  • Easily Compile a Watch List & Portfolio of Profitable Stocks
  • Know The Right Price To Buy / Sell a Stock - Less Risk, More Profits
  • Exposure To Lucrative Opportunities Globally - Build Wealth Faster
  • Our 7 Figure Flow Charts & Checklist
  • Special Member Discounts on 3rd Party Resources


  • Spends Precious Time Researching For Ideas
  • Ideas and Companies May Not Be Good Investment
  • Valuation Calculation May Be Wrong, Which Causes Overpaying For Stock
  • Needs Time To Familiarize Global Markets - Limited Exposure

P.S. If you are looking for an “all-done-for-you”, stress-free way of investing in the stock market, this is it. You’ll never find a simpler way of making better, more profitable investment decisions.

P.P.S. Be quick! Because you grandfather this price when you join Alpha Lab today. Once prices rise, your membership fee will be charged at the higher price perpetually. So don’t wait… You snooze, you lose.

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